There are similarities and differences when playing Keno online or in actual casino environment. One similarity is that there are still eighty numbers on the virtual card. And, you pick fifteen numbers as your own. Also, both have the same objective, which is to match all selected numbers to the numbers that are drawn. The winnings maybe slightly different, but not very much different. Also, Keno is always a game of pure luck.

The advantage of online casino is that you can control your surrounding while playing. This is very convenient to player since Keno can be played online anywhere and at anytime. Add to this, playing online means that you can be free from distractions which usually occurs in actual casino with all the hustles and bustles of the players around you. With online Keno, you may even create an atmosphere that is most suited to your taste. Like playing your own music in the background and even lying down on the comfort of your bed. You may also be glad that you do not have to fill out keno tickets and falling in line to pay for each ticket.

With a better atmosphere around you while you are playing creates more positive energy towards winning the game.