Play to play real money online KENO is a very easy, simple, fast action and challenging casino game. As easy as playing Bingo and Lottery and a far cry from most of the complex casino games; can be played fast or slow depending on player’s preferred pace. In online casino, results are as fast as clicking the ‘start’ or ‘play’ button. This game can also be played in a light-hearted way by simply picking numbers, hope, expect and get excited as the winning numbers come out one by one.

Real money online KENO! This game also gives big jackpots depending on the bet player placed. This is one of the best games which can be played by all kinds of players from a beginner who has never played on any casino before to a professional who is tired of more complex casino games.

Most online casinos offer KENO. However, payouts vary for each casino. So, winning real money can also turn out better if player will find the best casino which offers the best payouts based on their pay tables. KENO online offers better chance of winning than KENO on land casinos and is more fast paced so winning or losing can happen in only a short time. KENO is considered as high edge because there is a chance to win big money but rather difficult to do so. Also, players have high belief winning this game because the numbers they placed bet on are numbers that they personally picked.


To play KENO online game, simply do the following steps:

  1. Pick your own numbers (spots) between 1-15. KENO is played using 80 balls with numbers 1-80. You can also use the random number generator to choose your numbers.
  2. Choose the bet size, prizes vary depending on this. The higher the bet, the higher the prize.
  3. Choose for how many games the spots will be played. By choosing auto play, you can have 5, 10, 15 or 20 numbers in a row.
  4.  Press ‘start’ to draw the winning numbers.

Aim to match as many spots you picked to the 20 balls that will be randomly drawn. Betting the most spots and hitting as many as one can get lucky gives the best pay outs. But betting on more numbers means there will be more numbers needed to match to claim a prize. There can also be a prize when none of the spots played has been drawn.

Player can pick new set of numbers for each draw or opt to play one set of spots for multiple draws. Numbers can also be randomly chosen for you, whichever you prefer.


  • 0 Matches: 5.00
  • 4 Matches: 1.00
  • 5 Matches: 1.50
  • 6 Matches: 2.00
  • 7 Matches: 4.00
  • 8 Matches: 8.00
  • 9 Matches: 25.00
  • 10 Matches: 50.00
  • 11 Matches: 500.00
  • 12 Matches: 1,500.00
  • 13 Matches: 3,000.00
  • 14 Matches: 4,000.00
  • 15 Matches: 5,000.00


  • 1 Spot: 95.0%
  • 2 Spots: 96.2%
  • 3 Spots: 94.3%
  • 4 Spots: 95.5%
  • 5 Spots: 96.2%
  • 6 Spots: 95.1%
  • 7 Spots: 94.8%
  • 8 Spots: 95.1%
  • 9 Spots: 95.2%
  • 10 Spots: 94.8%
  • 11 Spots: 95.4%
  • 12 Spots: 94.5%
  • 13 Spots: 94.9%
  • 14 Spots: 95.1%
  • 15 Spots: 95.2%


KENO, as a game of luck can be very exciting because no system or pattern can predict the next set of winning numbers. For more serious players with high hopes of winning, this game can be more challenging than exciting. Taking into consideration strategies player may think would work, studying the odds of winning, knowing the hot and cold numbers and choosing a casino with the best payout, KENO becomes one of the casino games that more and more players prefer to play.

To win real money playing online KENO, it will be best to choose a casino giving the best payouts, meaning find the casino that offers 95% return or more.