Keno Winning Numbers

There is a variety of keno winning numbers that should be considered when you are interested on playing keno and increasing the chances of winnings.


Keno spots are the numbers marked on the tickets that the person is playing on. Catches are the numbers correctly guessed which are marked on the keno tickets and come out as winning numbers.

The maximum catches are 20 but this has never happened ever. There should be at least 15 catches to win the jackpot. Spots and catches are related. Winning is gauged by the number of spots marked and the number of catches.


Keno jackpot may be very hard, if not entirely impossible to achieve. 15 is the minimum number to get the jackpot out of 20 numbers and getting just 14 numbers, the odds are 1: 390 million. The frequency of numbers extraction must be observed, noted and then played to ensure bigger chances to the player.

However, chances of winning in Keno is possible. Consider betting on the most drawn numbers. In Keno, there are 5 hot numbers, meaning these numbers had been frequently drawn – 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4. Consider also these numbers: 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78.

·         HOT SPOTS

Hot numbers are the numbers that have the highest frequency of occurrence, comes out once every five draws. Take the last 50 set of numbers drawn and pick out the 5 most frequently drawn and you will get an edge in getting a good set of Keno numbers to play.


Cold numbers are those that have the lowest frequency of occurrence, comes out only once every fifteen draws or even less.

There are also other types of numbers. The so-called ‘late’ number which is a number having a big potential to be picked but not yet picked. And ‘due’ number which is a ‘must pick’ number in the next draws.


Keno is a big game of chances and unpredictability as numbers are chosen by RNG or Random Number Generator. Taking into consideration hot numbers is as a game of chance as betting on the player’s lucky numbers. Random numbers are computer generated and there is a big difference between statistics and computer patterns, as the numbers are supposed not to be extracted in the same order or the same.


Keno games originated in China became famous and spread to the world. Chinese people believe in luck and they associate mystical connotation with it. Keno has some numbers in the Chinese conception. Number 6 connotes wealth and business, 8 has a great magical connotation for power, prosperity and wealth, and, 9 which is the number of the Chinese Emperor with spiritual connotation for harmony and cultural meanings.

All these keno winning numbers contribute to make Keno an enjoyable and exciting game. No matter which numbers you choose, it is always breath-taking to hope, expect and find out what the next draws would come up with. This is the secret behind the success of the game – excitement.