Keno History

Fun Facts about Keno

How many of us plays Keno and yet does not know even a single thing about the game other than it’s a very addictive game? For a start, Keno is a type of a lottery game that originated in China. Let us go over its history and find out how it became one of the most popular games in the history of casinos.


Keno was invented by a man names Cheun Leung thousands of years ago. The main purpose of the game is to raise money to save Leung’s City. His concept was he wanted a game that is based on luck to raise funds for his army.

Originally, the game consisted of 120 Characters he based on an ancient Chinese poem. Keno became very popular, it’s believed that not only Leung had saved his city but he also helped financially with the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Arrival in the US

Somewhere in the 1800′s BY the help of Chinese immigrants who brought with them their favorite lottery game, Keno made its way to the US. By then, it was introduced to other nationalities and it became a hit. The Chinese characters were then changed into numbers so that even those who do not speak Chinese can play. Amidst the challenges of the game before it was accepted in a casino, its ability to withstand pressure and damage because of the fun it brings, it has maintained its place in the casino world throughout the years.

Conquering the Internet

Keno is featured at most of the casinos online. You can now choose from different versions. It’s one of the most popular and one of the most loved casino games; it’s easy, and uncomplicated. Just imagine yourself playing the lottery without having to wait days for the result.

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